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I am a designer who likes to paint. This is how I could define myself.

Although there are so many things that I like to do that without a doubt it is just a simplification for practical purposes.

I was born and raised on the seashore, in northern Patagonia Argentina, and I carry that blue landscape in my soul wherever I go. The sea and love sustain me.


I studied Design in Visual Communication at the National University of La Plata (Arg.), And since the beginning of my profession I have been working linked to nature and conservation projects for different NGOs and clients from Argentina and Latin America.

Which is why you will see a strong inclination in my paintings
towards the natural world, especially birds,

for which I feel absolute fascination.


17 years ago I started painting on porcelain, a hobby that turned into work, developing different techniques, learning along the way and above all enjoying the possibility of pouring my own creative universe into the pieces.



A brief account of my path in painting on porcelain, for those who want to know me more.

DESDE EL ALMA - Las Grutas

My first physical store dedicated to the sale of hand-painted porcelain was in Las Grutas, in an old wooden wagon that I had recycled and placed in front of the sea. I opened it in the summer of 2007 and there were 6 beautiful seasons that gave me this magical space where I made my first steps.


DESDE EL ALMA - San Antonio O.

I opened the second store in San Antonio Oeste in 2009. With the same spirit as the Las Grutas store, it was a commitment to have a permanent sales space in my homeland for the rest of the year, while I resided in Buenos Aires. The experience lasted a couple of years in parallel to the first From the Soul.


DESDE EL ALMA - Buenos Aires

In 2010 I opened my store in Buenos Aires, the first experience "away from home" despite living in that city for many years. A diverse space that allowed me to meet talented people, broaden my horizons, and where I was encouraged to start painting classes at the request of my clients.



In 2013 and before making the decision to close all physical stores, Aleteos Almacén was born. A virtual store dedicated to products inspired by shorebirds. Illustrations of my own decorative universe, a lot of color and new techniques. In addition, editorial and textile pieces that continue to this day.

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